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Talento VW 2011 - part 1

Well, this i'll be a serie of posts showing the development of a project done for the Talento Volkswagen 2011, which I was finalist but unfortunately I couldn't be between the top 3 winners.
Forgot to say the theme: "How would be the most loved car in Brasil 2021?"

My project was based in a new (common) profile of vehicles: a city car, which I imagined as an new brasilian icon, a car made for the next youth( the Milennials), seen them as part of a new consumer profile, one that focuses on how their products represent themselves, as part of their identitys (like Apple is nowadays, people agree with their values), and that's what tried to do with this project; That people could say: I'm Volkswagen, it represent my values, this is part of what/who I am.

These were the the first boards of the contest.....Next post I show you the rest of it.
Hope you like it.....

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